Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What is the Walk for Hospice?
The Walk for Hospice is a walk to help raise awareness and funds for Hospice of the South Shore.

2. Who can participate in the Walk?
All are welcome! Walk for Hospice is successful because of passionate supporters of our community who attend, raise money as individuals or teams, donate, or are generous sponsors. Teams vary from family and friends to business and organizations.

3. What are the funds used for?
All proceeds raised at the Walk for Hospice will benefit Hospice of the South Shore. Hospice of the South Shore provides terminally ill individuals and their families with the medical care and comfort measures that allow patients freedom from pain, therefore keeping the focus on the quality of life a patient has left to live, regardless of their ability to pay. Donations make this possible.

4. How much has the Walk for Hospice raised?
Over the past 29 years, the Walk for Hospice has raised more than $4.9 million!

Registration Questions

1. Is there a fee to register?
No. There is no fee to register, but contributions of any amount are accepted. The Walk for Hospice is a fundraising event with a goal to raise $150,000. Many teams and individuals will fundraise to help raise money for the event.

2. Is there a min or max amount of participants allowed on a team?
No, you can have any amount of people on a team.
3. Should everyone walking register?
Yes, everyone participating in the event should register. This helps us keep track of who attended.

4. How do I register?
You can register 2 ways. Register on the website or you can bring in the registration form with you to the event. To register on the website, please click here. To request a Walk brochure, which includes a registration and pledge form, email with your contact info.

5. Can I register offline ahead of the event?
If you have a brochure, you can mail the form in advance to:
South Shore Health Foundation
ATTN: Walk for Hospice
55 Fogg Road
South Weymouth, MA 02190

6. Why should I form a team?
Registering as an individual is wonderful, but we have many supporters that like to recruit family and friends and create a team. Together they can enjoy the event, create team t-shirts or signs and enjoy the morning together.

7. I registered as an individual, but now want to be on a team?
If you registered as an individual, but would like to create or join an existing team, please contact We can help you form or join a team.

8. I can’t remember my log-in information. What do I do?
If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Password", enter your user name and email and the password will be sent. If you forgot your user name, click "Forgot User Name" and enter your email. Your user name will be sent. If you can not remember the email you signed up with, email FoundationEvents@southshorehealth.orgwith your info and we can help. 

9. What is the Participant Center?
The Participant Center is a tool for you to manage fundraising progress, customize your personal pages, and send emails. Click here to view our toolkit on How to Use the Participant Center!

Donation Questions

1. How can I turn in donations and can I do this ahead of time? 
There are 3 ways to turn in donations:

  • Share the link to your fundraising page to have supporters donate online
  • Mail in donations to: South Shore Health Foundation, ATTN: Walk for Hospice, 55 Fogg Road, South Weymouth, MA  02190
  • Turn in donations with you the day of the event 

2. Who should donation checks be made out to?
Please make all checks payable to “South Shore Health Foundation”.

3. I mailed in a check, but it is not reflected on my personal fundraising page. When will it appear?
Please allow 2 weeks for processing all offline gifts that are mailed in. Thank you!

Fundraising Questions

1. Is there a minimum I must fundraise to participate?
No, you can fundraise as much as you would like.

2. Can I still fundraise even though I can’t attend the event?
Yes, thank you! Still feel free to register online so you can create a fundraising page, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated to attend. Creating a fundraising page is helpful because it can make it easier when sharing info to ask for donations. Otherwise, offline donations can be mailed to or dropped off at; South Shore Health Foundation ATTN: Walk for Hospice 55 Fogg Road South Weymouth, MA 02190

3. Do you accept matching gifts?
Yes. Many companies have a matching gift program for their employees. As an employee you can make a donation, and your employer will match that gift. Some companies have specific policies on how much they will match. After making the donation, inquire with your HR Department about a matching gift program. If they have one, paperwork will most likely need to be filled out. This is a great way to turn your donation into more.

4. Are there any fundraising incentives?
Stay tuned for information on 2021 fundraising incentives!

5. How can I maximize my fundraising efforts?

Share Your Story

Share your story with potential supporters. Let them know why you are participating in this event and what it means to you. 

Set A Goal

Set a financial goal for yourself and aim high. Share your goal with your potential supporters, so they understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. 

Social Media

Get the word out using your own social media accounts!

  • Help get the word out with using our hashtag: #WalkforHospice
  • Share your fundraising page on your "status" and ask for donations
  • Ask for help!
    • Share your team page and ask others to join
    • Ask others to share your fundraising page on their newsfeed
  • Get a challenge going:
    • Share an incentive contest for your friends & family (Example; Anyone who gives more than a $10 gift will be entered to win a ___"
  • Thank your supporters online by tagging each person who has given in a post and maybe a fun memory of them. Those who see it will want to help you and get some recognition. 

Letter/E-mail Campaign 

Send a letter or email to friends and family to generate support.

A few tips include:

  • Share your personal reasons for supporting Hospice of the South Shore. The more connected a person feels to your story, the more likely he or she will become one of your sponsors. 
  • Send your letters or emails in waves. Mail close friends and family first, and then keep adding names as you go.
  • Don't limit your mailing list include friends, family, neighbors, former associates, committee members, and local organizations (for example, your child’s soccer team). You never know who has been helped by Hospice care, so broadening your potential contributors will only give you a bigger audience with whom to share your story. 
  • Ask your local businesses such as hair salons, nail salons, grocery stores, dance studios, etc.  to help you by offering a coin jar or displaying posters.
  • Remember, people will give when you ask! No donation is too small! 

Office Fundraising 

Ask your manager if you can send a company-wide email explaining why you’re participating in the Walk for Hospice. Encourage your company to sponsor a corporate team. Our staff is happy to come to your workplace to make a presentation to your colleagues about the benefits of corporate sponsorship. Ask your manager if your company has a matching gift program. 

General Fundraising Strategies 

Keep extra copies of the Walk brochure in your car - you never know when you might meet potential contributors. Need more brochures? Email to request them. 

Ask churches, community centers, and school groups to support you. Ask the businesses you patronize to help you reach your goal- your dry cleaner, fitness center operator, or hairstylist. 

Encourage supporters to submit donations online or collect donations when people agree to sponsor you. This will ensure donations reach Hospice patients sooner and save you from having to contact sponsors later.

Thank Supporters

Send a personal thank you note to each of your sponsors as soon as you receive their gift. Also, plan to send out a final thank you note after the event. You may want to include a picture of yourself on the day of the walk wearing your Walk t-shirt. 

Have additional questions? Contact us at or call 781-624-8600.

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